3 hours of random generated music :-)

With inspiration from "Waiting for Cousteau" by J.M. Jarre, I tried making a completely random generated piece of music

The thing plays all by it self in Propellerhead Reason 6 and the output is unique,
because the next time I generate the score, it is completely different :o)

Reason 6 could only generate the score for 3 hours, is that enough for a new record for longest song? ;o)

Bass plays random notes in Bb C D F G
Piano plays all notes in the D# scale, with random velocity and random delays
The strings plays a chord of 3 notes, choosing from Bb C D F or G and with random filter sharpness
The choir and other strings comming up from time to time, plays the same as the strings, but the level is random
The wind sound is with random level, filter and resonance
The synth drops and water are all random generated