Jean Michel Jarre - Third Rendez-Vous

My cover version of Jean Michel Jarre's "Third Rendez-Vous" - The Laser Harp.
Made in Propellerhead Reason 4

Laser Harp / Bass and "Drum roll": Build up from scratch in Thor Synth

Choir and Bass drum: Samples from Fairlight CMI

Video shot with Canon EOS 7D

....I was provoked by a comment on YouTube, saying this:
"100% fake. This video and the original track match perfectly - even the reverb length on the crash was the same.
You're either a soft synth programming genius to get a Synthex emulation totally indistinguishable from the real thing,
or you're bluffing. Play something else using the Synthex patch for example and prove me wrong"

So I made this short test for him, to proof I made the LaserHarp sound in the Software Synth:
Proof ;)

Thomas H. - Soft Synth Programming Genius